Magister Freud is available for guest spots on radio, television, or podcasts--and can perform magic across these media.  For more information contact Tuesday Productions, LLC at 734-506-0650 or use our contact form.


     Magister Freud makes events more magical and memorable.  His magic, mind reading, and hypnotism can be presented on stage or strolling through a crowd.  His mission is not only to entertain, but to inspire wonder and curiosity.  Through our own childlike instincts to be joyful and playful, we can see the world as an adventure, a challenge to rise to, and a mystery that we can explore but never solve.


     Magister Freud grew up in a haunted farmhouse in Pennsylvania, where he witnessed many apparitions and other psychic phenomena.  He began having visions at 5, conducted his first seance at 8, received his first Tarot deck at 11, and built his own homemade unicycle at 14.  In the fields, he learned object manipulation with potatoes, which are the perfect weight-to-size ratio for juggling. 
     Magister Freud studied theater arts at Front & Center Stage School, music theory at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, stage magic with private instructors, and hypnosis at the University of Toronto.  Freud is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and has performed at over a thousand events, including weddings, corporate receptions, and trade shows.

fun facts

  • Magister Freud is the first magician east of the Mississippi to accept Bitcoin (and the second in the United States)
  • He successfully predicted a headline of the Chicago Tribune, with the prediction envelope safeguarded a week in advance by Chicago Alderman Harry Osterman
  • In addition to live and video performances, Magister Freud can also perform interactive magic and mind reading with audiences of radio, television, and podcasts